1 Step Winter Skin Conditioner

This 1-step treatment is the only skin conditioner you’ll need for flawless skin this winter.

Skip expensive skincare treatments and look after your plus size winter skin with this one step conditioner for smooth, soft skin. | Plus Size Life.co.uk

Want supple, skin like a baby’s bottom? Use baby oil! I swear by the stuff, especially in winter. My dry-to-combination skin is prone to erring on the dry side of things during the wintry months, what with the harsh biting cold wind. Add to that the not-so-skin-friendly conditions of living in the city and my skin can feel disastrous from November to Feburary. While my skin hardly ever cracks because of the cold, I prefer to keep it hydrated and healthy with this 1-step winter skin conditioner:

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Banana Winter Foot Treatment

Get soft, supple feet using this all natural, organic and vegan 10 minute banana treatment that truly works!

How to use bananas to beat crackly winter feet from Plus Size LIfe.co.ukFollowing on from the last post about how to get flawless skin in 3 steps, I’ve decided to share a new-found beauty secret that I’m in love with!

It’s how to use bananas to treat cracked and dry winter feet and it’s a beauty must-have for anyone who suffers from extra dry skin in winter.

I first stumbled across this banana winter foot treatment in my newest copy of Neal’s Yard’s Beauty Book (a fascinating and informative book) and knew I had to try it.

I don’t always have time to go to the spa for a pedicure. In fact, the last time I ever even had a professional pedicure was during the second trimester of my pregnancy, nearly four years ago. Between working a full time and demanding job, writing two blogs and being a mommy, my days, evenings and nights tend to get pretty full with things for others and not necessarily myself. So the relaxing luxury of a spa has gone out the window.

However, I’m a huge believer in everyday pleasures and in treating yourself and I simply couldn’t resist this fantastic beauty trick for soft, supple feet.

I took to Periscope on Sunday to do my first ever broadcast with smushed bananas on my feet and over 20 people watching! *gulp*


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12 Ways to Wear Checks If You’re Plus Size

Checks, tartan and plaid are the trending pattern for autumn winter 2015. Here are are 12 ways to pull off the look if you're plus size. | Plus Size Life.co.ukChecks, Tartan and plaid are all words used to describe that pretty grid-like pattern made from crossing horizontal and vertical stripes and they are the on-trend pattern for Autumn/Winter 2015! Even if you never thought you could pull off the look, here are 12 ways to wear checks if you’re plus size:

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