How to Take a Compliment

How to Take a Compliment with Grace and Believe It |

The art of accepting a compliment with grace & believing it

A compliment. Just a few words about my physical appearance or personality and I’m instantly in a tailspin, swept up in a whirlwind of self doubt and insecurity! I know I’m not alone. We women have mastered the art of the personal put down. We are our own toughest critics and because we hold ourselves to such high standards, (often set deliriously high) we are genuinely taken aback and rendered speechless by a loving compliment.

When the natural curls just don't do right!

When the natural curls just don’t do right!

But there is so much power in a compliment. Accepting, internalising and believing a compliment is fuel for unshakable confidence. With this post, I’m preaching to the choir. On good days, I can accept a compliment and run with it, propelled forward by its positive vibes.

But the days when remembering how to take a compliment matters most are the bad days. The days when nothing fits; when my natural curls have a mind of their own and make me look like Loretta from Family Guy! (For the sake of this article; we’ll run with hair as the focus of our compliments.)

I’ve learned I’m learning how to take a compliment with these four tips:

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The ABCs of Loving Your Plus Size Body

Here are 26 body positive New Year’s resolutions that will help you learn to love your beautiful plus size body!
Discover 26 easy ways to love your plus size body with these body positive New Year's resolutions from Plus Size

There’s no other time of year when more people are focused on bettering themselves than in the run up to New Year’s. Resolutions are always at the top of everyone’s list for self improvement, but usually we focus on things like drinking more water, going to the gym or eating better. While those can be very admirable things to aspire to do more of, I think the bedrock of any resolution worth its vow, is self acceptance and self love.

You can promise and resolve to do all manner of feel-good tasks, but unless you begin from a place of clear self-love and self-acceptance, you’ll only set yourself up for failure. That’s why in 2016, instead of the usual resolutions, I’m focusing on 26 body positive resolutions, because I know that when I feel good about myself (inside and out) everything else just fall into place.

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When Fat-Shaming Goes Mainstream: that Gabourey Sidibe Sex Scene

One plus-size girl’s response to some of the fat-shaming negativity following Gabourey Sidibe’s sex scene in Empire.

When Gabourey Sidibe perfomed a fairly typical sex scene in the sitcom Empire, the Internet exploded with fat-shaming hatred. | Plus Size

(Spoiler alert: the Empire scene mentioned in this article has not aired in the UK at the time of writing)

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11 Plus Size Statement Tights

Statement tights: bold and colourful or patterned hosiery that instantly lifts any outfit from mundane to magnificent. Come along as I discover 11 patterned and printed plus size statement tights this autumn and winter.
Plus Size Patterned and Printed Tights for Plus Size Women | Plus Size

I first moved to the UK in the grip of winter 2008. Piles of slushy snow littered Manchester’s bustling city centre and towering double decker buses and curved hatch back cabs puffed clouds of exhaust into the icy air. Hailing from the Sandhills of North Carolina, just over 60 miles inland from the notoriously hurricane-battered Atlantic coast, dressing for winter wasn’t something I was accustomed to.

Back then, in the American south, winter was more a chilly breeze, with temperatures only occasionally dipping cold enough to snow. I wasn’t prepared for the harsh frosts of an English winter, and certainly not one in one of the rainiest cities in the whole of the country! When you dress for the cold in rural, balmy North Carolina, you ditch skirts and short dresses for long pants and sturdy corduroys or denim. When you dress for the cold in Manchester and the UK, you put on thicker layers and one of those layers, tights, is completely different in the UK than I’d ever seen.

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7 of Most Pinned Plus-Size Dresses

7 most pinned plus size dresses from Plus Size

I absolutely love a good, figure-flattering dress. Dresses have become my go-to for comfort, whether they be A-line, bodycon or classic wraps. My wardrobe is filled with dresses of varying lengths, made from a variety of materials and in a spectrum of colours and patterns. I’ve been saving loads of plus-size dresses and skirts to a Pinterest board and today, I wanted to share my 7 most pinned plus-size dresses with you!

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Plus Size Bonfire Night Outfit

Plus Size Bonfire Night Outfit | Plus Size autumn looming, I can’t help but to get excited about Bonfire Night! Bonfire Night is exactly what it sounds like–a night of roaring bonfires, mugs of hearty chili, fireworks and sparklers held on the 5th of November in the UK and this lovely plus size bonfire night outfit will keep you warm and cosy and looking spectacular!

This outfit combines some of my favourite things that every curvy girl can pull off: coloured skinny jeans, a flattering top and tall boots. Most specifically, this outfit features two ultra trendy items: the marsala red Melissa McCartney skinnies and the scarf in this season’s must-have print: tartan.

A few things to remember when dressing for bonfire night:

  1. Wear thick and comfy boot socks
  2. Remember that you’ll be around quite a lot of smoke, so wear the right fabrics!
  3. Fabrics like wool and machine washable blends and cotton are best since they can be laundered at home to remove the smoky smell. They can also be treated with a vinegar rinse if the smell still lingers.
  4. Avoid furs, silks and satins and other fabrics that would require dry cleaning to keep the expense down and the smoky smell out of your clothes.

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Banana Winter Foot Treatment

Get soft, supple feet using this all natural, organic and vegan 10 minute banana treatment that truly works!

How to use bananas to beat crackly winter feet from Plus Size on from the last post about how to get flawless skin in 3 steps, I’ve decided to share a new-found beauty secret that I’m in love with!

It’s how to use bananas to treat cracked and dry winter feet and it’s a beauty must-have for anyone who suffers from extra dry skin in winter.

I first stumbled across this banana winter foot treatment in my newest copy of Neal’s Yard’s Beauty Book (a fascinating and informative book) and knew I had to try it.

I don’t always have time to go to the spa for a pedicure. In fact, the last time I ever even had a professional pedicure was during the second trimester of my pregnancy, nearly four years ago. Between working a full time and demanding job, writing two blogs and being a mommy, my days, evenings and nights tend to get pretty full with things for others and not necessarily myself. So the relaxing luxury of a spa has gone out the window.

However, I’m a huge believer in everyday pleasures and in treating yourself and I simply couldn’t resist this fantastic beauty trick for soft, supple feet.

I took to Periscope on Sunday to do my first ever broadcast with smushed bananas on my feet and over 20 people watching! *gulp*


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3 Steps to Flawless Skin using Vitamin E

Uncover my secrets to flawless skin using vitamin E in three easy steps to add to your beauty regime!

From avocado, to almonds, and must-use skincare products, add these vitamin e secrets to your beauty regime for flawless skin! |

Let’s play 2 Truths & 1 Life–which of the following statements do you think is untrue?

  1. I don’t get enough sleep at night
  2. I have flawless skin
  3. I don’t wear foundation or pressed powder

BB cream versus natural skin |

Option 2 is a complete lie. I wish I actually had  naturally flawless skin (don’t we all?) but truth is, I’ve got to work at it. Luckily, though, my beauty regime is pretty simple. Keep reading for three steps to flawless skin:

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12 Ways to Wear Checks If You’re Plus Size

Checks, tartan and plaid are the trending pattern for autumn winter 2015. Here are are 12 ways to pull off the look if you're plus size. | Plus Size, Tartan and plaid are all words used to describe that pretty grid-like pattern made from crossing horizontal and vertical stripes and they are the on-trend pattern for Autumn/Winter 2015! Even if you never thought you could pull off the look, here are 12 ways to wear checks if you’re plus size:

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Find the Right Plus Size Bra for Your Outfit

Give a woman right bra and she can conquer the world | Plus Size

For ages I’d just assumed I was doomed to the typical plus size bra: a bland restraint only available in shades of boring (white, black or taupe) with straps wide enough to race Hot Wheels cars on and the obligatory feminine bow at the centre. I would flip through lingerie catalogs and grow absolutely envious. Not of the tiny-framed women and their dainty C cups, but of the beautiful bras adorning their chests. Bras in a kaleidoscope of colours, fittings and shapes. Bras with no straps!–how was that even possible?!

The truth is, curvy women aren’t doomed to one type of ill-fitting bra. There’s actually a wide range of options out there. Once you know how to find the right plus size bra for your outfit, you’ll find that your clothes fit better. Go one step further and make sure you get a bra that’s actually your cup size and suddenly, the world is your oyster.

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