How to Take a Compliment

How to Take a Compliment with Grace and Believe It |

The art of accepting a compliment with grace & believing it

A compliment. Just a few words about my physical appearance or personality and I’m instantly in a tailspin, swept up in a whirlwind of self doubt and insecurity! I know I’m not alone. We women have mastered the art of the personal put down. We are our own toughest critics and because we hold ourselves to such high standards, (often set deliriously high) we are genuinely taken aback and rendered speechless by a loving compliment.

When the natural curls just don't do right!

When the natural curls just don’t do right!

But there is so much power in a compliment. Accepting, internalising and believing a compliment is fuel for unshakable confidence. With this post, I’m preaching to the choir. On good days, I can accept a compliment and run with it, propelled forward by its positive vibes.

But the days when remembering how to take a compliment matters most are the bad days. The days when nothing fits; when my natural curls have a mind of their own and make me look like Loretta from Family Guy! (For the sake of this article; we’ll run with hair as the focus of our compliments.)

I’ve learned I’m learning how to take a compliment with these four tips:

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Trend Alert: Metallic Obsession

A look at four of my favourite products featuring the current metallic trend that would make great Christmas gifts.

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Metallic is everywhere at the moment — whether it’s the vibrant hue of yellow gold, the earthy orange of copper or the mellow lustre of rose gold, we are metallic mad! To celebrate this lovely trend, I wanted to share some of my favourite products that gleam with the unmistakable metallic sheen. Wrap any of these babies up and they’d make perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas!

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1 Step Winter Skin Conditioner

This 1-step treatment is the only skin conditioner you’ll need for flawless skin this winter.

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Want supple, skin like a baby’s bottom? Use baby oil! I swear by the stuff, especially in winter. My dry-to-combination skin is prone to erring on the dry side of things during the wintry months, what with the harsh biting cold wind. Add to that the not-so-skin-friendly conditions of living in the city and my skin can feel disastrous from November to Feburary. While my skin hardly ever cracks because of the cold, I prefer to keep it hydrated and healthy with this 1-step winter skin conditioner:

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3 Steps to Flawless Skin using Vitamin E

Uncover my secrets to flawless skin using vitamin E in three easy steps to add to your beauty regime!

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Let’s play 2 Truths & 1 Life–which of the following statements do you think is untrue?

  1. I don’t get enough sleep at night
  2. I have flawless skin
  3. I don’t wear foundation or pressed powder

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Option 2 is a complete lie. I wish I actually had  naturally flawless skin (don’t we all?) but truth is, I’ve got to work at it. Luckily, though, my beauty regime is pretty simple. Keep reading for three steps to flawless skin:

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