The Politics of Pussy

Note to the reader: this article freely and frequently uses the word pussy to describe a woman’s genitalia. If you find this offensive, please read the alternative version, The Politics of a Not a Penis, here.

The Politics of Pussy | Plus Size Life

The Politics of Pussy

In a country that dubs itself “the leader of the free world,” having a pussy is never a good thing.

Being in possession of a pussy in America means you live beneath an ever-thickening glass ceiling. It means you can be the victim of a brutal rape and if your rapist is a promising male athlete, you’ll have the privilege of watching him walk away from taking responsibility for his “two minutes of action” via a legal system designed by and controlled by penises.

Being in possession of a pussy in America means you are not allowed to choose what happens to it. Your pussy is regulated, ruled on and controlled by a population of people who don’t even know what it’s like to have a pussy.

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How to Survive Brexit as an Immigrant

How to Survive Brexit as an Immigrant | Plus Size

I didn’t have the fortune of being born in the UK. I am not British by birth, but I am by choice. I have called the UK home since 2008.  And from my very first days here, I fell in love with this beautiful vibrant country, with the amazing British culture, the endearing way how when living in Britain, history seeps into your bones and you pass by buildings older than America itself. Over this past week, the safe haven of my Britain suddenly became as volatile as the torn country I came from and my heart is broken. I find myself asking wondering: how to survive Brexit as an immigrant. I’m no stranger to racism. As a member of a minority race, I have experienced racism in most of its infuriating formats:

  • Racism By Oversight: sly digs punctuated by hands raised to mouths and uncomfortable giggles
  • Blatant, Quiet Racism: where people either stare slack-mouthed at any defining physical feature of your body common to your ethnicity yet so different from the body types prevalent in their culture
  • Blatant, Outspoken Racism: where people refer to you as “that coloured girl”
  • Racism By Default: where you are the token black friend and therefore the authority on all things ethnic
  • Racism By Minority: where yours is the only black face in the room and your dark skin is unmissable in the sea of pale and pink faces

The UK needs to rise above this scary new chapter it has entered, where people feel emboldened off the back of a bad decision they were manipulated into opting for, and think leaving notes that say abhorrent things like “No Polish Vermin” is okay. Or where they shout at a Muslim woman on a train for not speaking English in England. When in fact, she was speaking Welsh in Wales. Or when gangs of boys jeer at brown-skinned women on the streets and tell them to eff off back home and to leave the UK. In my 8 years of living in the UK, of living in a big city, racism towards me has been mostly non-existent. Now, after Brexit and after seeing the horror stories posted on line about the abuse immigrants have been subject to, I am, for the first time in my British life, afraid. 

The UK cannot become this place. It cannot become a replica of America with all its racial problems and its division. The UK cannot stoop so low as to reject people because they are from a different country, because they are “strapping young men, [dressed] in better clothes … who see money and benefits”.

Why are Brexiteers so afraid of immigrants? 

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