The Politics of Pussy

Note to the reader: this article freely and frequently uses the word pussy to describe a woman’s genitalia. If you find this offensive, please read the alternative version, The Politics of a Not a Penis, here.

The Politics of Pussy | Plus Size Life

The Politics of Pussy

In a country that dubs itself “the leader of the free world,” having a pussy is never a good thing.

Being in possession of a pussy in America means you live beneath an ever-thickening glass ceiling. It means you can be the victim of a brutal rape and if your rapist is a promising male athlete, you’ll have the privilege of watching him walk away from taking responsibility for his “two minutes of action” via a legal system designed by and controlled by penises.

Being in possession of a pussy in America means you are not allowed to choose what happens to it. Your pussy is regulated, ruled on and controlled by a population of people who don’t even know what it’s like to have a pussy.

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Must-Have Travel Accessories

Must-have travel accessories | Plus Size

Although the season for summer holidays is over, I find that I tend to do more travelling in the autumn. It’s a combination of work engagements and my infatuation with all things autumnal that keeps me hitting the open road and bedding down in cosy B&Bs and quaint hotels, hoping to catch the leaves’ vibrant colour display.

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72 Hours in Malta

Malta is a tiny island in the Mediterranean, afloat between Sicily and the North African coast. I took a two-week holiday to Malta in summer 2014 and fell in love with it. Here’s everything you should do in 72 hours in Malta.

72 Hours in Malta | Plus Size

Where to Stay:

InterContinental Malta (5-star)

How to Get There:

Flights available from most UK cities; budget and domestic airlines


Malta’s capital, Valletta

Helpful Tip:

For an island in the Mediterranean, Malta has very few sandy beaches. Most hotels have private beaches for their guests to enjoy, although stretches of sandy coastline can be found in the sparsely populated southern coast of the island.

Feel at Home:

English is one of Malta’s official languages.

Day One

Morning: Trek through Valletta, nipping in and out of the tiny tourist shops down the narrow streets lined with gallerias–traditional enclosed balconies jutting from the buildings. Wear comfortable shoes and opt for a rucksack instead of a wheely suitcase: everywhere in Valletta seems to be uphill! Pay a visit to some of Valletta’s tourist attractions including the Barrakka Gardens and the National Archaeology Museum and head to the sea to look back at the city’s impressive waterfront.

Gallerias and Windows in Valletta, Malta | Plus Size

Noon: After a morning exploring the beautiful city, enjoy a cafe lunch at an outdoor table along St George’s Square. Leave space for a refreshing fresh orange or lemonade slush from street vendors, pushing carts through the winding streets. Catch a bus to neighbouring St Julians and check into the InterContinental Hotel.

Quintessential narrow street in Valletta, Malta | Plus Size

A quintessential narrow, steep street in Valletta.

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