Quiz: Which US Presidential Candidate Should You Back?

Which Presidential Candidate Should You Back? | Plus Size Life

By now, must American voters have chosen their candidate and are doing everything in their power to persuade everyone they know that their candidate is the right man – or woman – for the job. But every time I scroll through my Facebook timeline, the same worrying questions keep popping up:

  • Who should I vote for?
  • Tell me why I should vote for Clinton without saying ‘Because she’s not Trump’
  • I don’t support either candidate, I just won’t vote
  • Trump will ruin the country; Clinton will destroy it; I don’t want either

The fact of the matter is, both parties have done a fantastic job of demonstrating aspects of both candidate’s persona that make voters cringe. With impish schoolboy name calling and orchestrating fantastically expensive FBI investigations that yield nothing, Trump has played a dirty game. And whilst Clinton has remained mostly poised and refused to stoop to his level of backbiting, she has had evidence thrown in the media to cause many American voters to question her capability to lead. (And then there’s the whole not liking women in charge thing that manbabies can’t cope with.)

So how do you choose a candidate to vote for? If you are a registered voter, you have got to vote in the upcoming election. It is not good enough to sulk and do nothing. It is not good enough to not have your voice heard. It’s not good enough to say, “The super delegates lied; their vote didn’t count, mine won’t either.” Those are all excuses. If you are of age and status to vote, whether you are in the States or abroad, cast your ballot. Fellow expats, if you don’t know how to register to vote abroad, leave a comment. I’ll talk you through it.

Okay, you’re voting. Now who do you vote for? How do you choose a candidate with both candidates have been so vilified? When both seem so terrifying? You base it on policy. I don’t expect many people want to pore through each candidate’s political policies, so I’ve created this simple quiz using actual, factual policies from each candidate. All you have to do is take the quiz. Choose true or false for each statement and in the end you’ll be matched with your ideal candidate.

A very big thank you to the wonderful, non-biased people at Politi Platform and all the work they’ve done in highlighting each candidate’s policies. All policies were pulled from these two pages: www.politiplatform.com/clinton and www.politiplatform.com/trump. What each candidate believes and stands for is there in black and white without the noise of the other candidate, so you can make an informed decision.

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