Platform Clogs are Back in Fashion

When I was a tweenager, clogs were the shoe trend of the day. They were the status piece for confident, fun-loving gals in cities across America, girls who clunked down the street in their wooden-soled shoes, sipping the latest Starbucks coffee craze from green straws. I suppose every clog has its day and today platform clogs are on the rise!

Trends to Follow Right Now: Platform Clogs | Plus Size

Who Wears Platform Clogs?

Anyone, technically speaking, but they’ve always been popular with celebs loafing about town, running errands.

Kate Beckinsale Walks Dogs in Platform Clogs | Plus Size

Photo Cred: Popsugar

Just look at Kate Beckinsale, cosy in a poncho and a pair of platform clogs walking her dog. I don’t have a dog, but if I did, my first pick of shoes would be a comfy, trodden pair of trainers not towering platform clogs.

Miley Cyrus Wears Platform Clogs 3 Ways | Plus Size

Photo Cred: Couture in the City

Even attention-seeking A-listers with a penchant for the limelight and making bad choices crave trendy platform clogs. Don’t believe me? Just watch Miley Cyrus rock a pair on three separate occasions.

Katie Holmes on the move in platform clogs | Plus Size

Photo Cred: Pinterest

You know those mid-to-late 90s Starbucks sipping, clog-wearing girls I spoke about? Here’s the perfect example as Katie Holmes’s wide stride demonstrates. This is straight nostalgia for me! Almost makes me want to kick off my clogs and settle in with an episode of Dawson’s Creek for old time’s sake…

What Are Platform Clogs?

Traditional Dutch klompen | Plus Size

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Strictly speaking, a clog is traditional Dutch footwear, a shoe with a thick wooden sole. They’ve normally got a little bit of a heel to them-maybe an inch or two. They’re descendants of the cute klompen, favourited by farmers and gardeners in The Netherlands. A clog isn’t completely wood, just the sole. And when you add a four or five inch heel to it, you’ve got a platform.

Wear These Platform Clogs

Trends to Follow Right Now: Platform Clogs for Every Budget

Find your perfect pair of platform clogs, no matter your budget!

Get yourself a pair of clogs! They’re resilient, practical and comfy!  My very first pair of clogs were cushion-soled Earth Shoes, just like hippies wore in the 70s. Paired with stonewash flares and a tie-dyed tee shirt, no doubt, I was comfy, current and cute in the late 90s. Thankfully, stonewash jeans haven’t resurfaced and tie-dye is the craze no more. Just mate your own platform clogs with an A-line summer dress, bootcut denim or the curvy girl’s best friend: a perfect, figure-flattering pair of skinny jeans.

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