14 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

The really unfair thing about Valentine’s Day is that somewhere along the line, it’s become another opportunity for women to be spoiled and men to be overlooked. I’m totally not cool with that and you probably aren’t either! So here are 14 unusual Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life:

14 Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts for Men | Plus Size Life.co.uk

1. Dapper Denim


Denim Bowtie Idea for Valentine's Day | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Dawanda

In a comfiest, most essential fabric competition, denim would take the title every time, hands down. We live our lives in denim, smartening up a trendy pair for a night out or lounging in a stonewash, relax fit, paired with a tee.  Your guy is likely to have loads of denim already and probably doesn’t need you buying him another pair. But what he isn’t likely to have is a denim bowtie! This denim dickie bow will make dressing up for those extra special occasions a lot less painful.

2. Lights, Projector, Action!

Pocket project Valentine's Day gift idea | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Amazon.co.uk

Whether you’re shacking up with the next Steven Spielberg or married to a budding filmmaker or committed to a proud dad with a passion for home movies, this nifty pocket projector will score you major cool points. Pop some corn, grab a few cold ones and invite him to his own movie screening. Then, sit back and be in awe of your man’s creative prowess.

3. Think Like a Geek

I am married to a geek. And I use that word with all the love possible. My husband’s geekery isn’t something I’m proficient in. Half the time, I don’t know what he’s on about when he goes off on one of his sci-fi tirades. And try as I may, I just can’t get into Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars or Game of Thrones. (Is GoT even sci-fi?) See, the fact that I don’t even know can make gift giving tricky. But not with ThinkGeek. They’re my go-to for all things geeky and nerdy. Never have I purchased husband a gift from there that he didn’t absolutely love. And it’s not down to me choosing something, it’s down to the geeks at ThinkGeek being so in-tune with their target audience. I can literally blindly click something, purchase it and husband will enjoy it. Only downside? Some of the geekiest products are only available within the US.

4. Manhandled

Sometimes, certain activites get a stigma for being just for women. Or just for men. Most of the time, it’s absolute bollocks. Like when it comes to massages. Think about how zen and relaxed you feel after you’ve had a massage. Don’t yout want your man to feel that, too? Book him in for a 30 minute taster for a Thai massage, sports massage or deep tissue. He’ll thank you and just might become addicted. Wahanda should have loads of options in your area.

5. Take to the Skies

Is there anything men love more than adrenaline? Well, probably one thing, but let’s keep this pre-watershed, shall we? Invite your boy to join the Mile High Club; no, not by getting frisky in a tiny airplane loo, but by surprising him with a private flying lesson or flight in a biplane. Alternatively, keep the adrenaline but add in a bit of romance by booking a champagne hot air balloon ride over the English countryside. Virgin Experience Days can get you sorted.

6. Sort His Monthlies

Subscription food boxes are so bang on trend at the moment! Whether your bloke would benefit from a beer of the month club, a cigar of the week or a post-delivered foodie subscription,  browse the UK box subscription directory for more options than you knew existed!

7. Close & Personal


Old school shave kit Valentine's Day gift idea | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Mankind

There’s something sexy about an old school shave. If your man would like a go at one of the closest shaves of his life or you’re sick of the stubble pricking your top lip with every kiss, gift an old school shave kit. From starter kits to kits worth a packet, there are plenty of options to keep his beauty regime solvent. Let him have a go himself or try your hand at it, giving him the perfect pampering evening with an expert close shave. If he (or you) are too clumsy to be trusted with an open blade or if you’ve got an event coming up and can’t risk the possibility of his attending with a giant gash out of his cheek, book him in for a traditional shave at a barber’s. Most big cities will offer the luxurious experience for a tenner or more.

8. One for the Road

Personalised hip flask Valentine's Day gift idea | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Confetti.co.uk

But only if he’s not driving! Hip flasks are back on the scene as that uber cool pocket accessory promising just enough liquid redemption to guide you steadily through the choppy waters at a works function or a grueling event. Decant his favourite tipple and let him take a swig of the Dutch courage whenever he might need it. I see these products every day at work, but still, you can’t beat the range of hip flasks Confetti.co.uk as on offer!

9. Let Him Loose in the Kitchen

With training! Listen up; it’s the 21st century. Kitchen duties should be shared equally and I’m not talking about that 90s classic of: she cooks; he cleans. No, you both need to be duking it out with the dishes, same as you both need to be whipping up a scrumptious meal from time to time! It’s not fair if one of you does all the cooking all the time. But if your man is ill-equipped in the kitchen and you can’t face giving him a cookery lesson, ship him off to Ashburton Cookery School for a two-day gentleman’s cookery course. He’ll come back with at least the skills to impress you with a three course meal!

10. Barista in Your Bed

Give your man a coffee making experience this Valentine's Day | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Kimbo.co.uk

There is something sexy about coffee and often times, there’s something sexy about the coffee maker. The lowly barista who holds the power to put right every wrong in your world. The keeper of the morning juice. The giver of life. Schlepping on clothes and trudging through the UK rain is sometimes a lot of work for a good cup of coffee. Send your coffee mad fella on a one-day course where he’ll learn the skills to whip up those barista-style coffees in the comfort of your home. You’ll both benefit!

11. Pedal to the Metal

Remember how guys are often adrenaline junkies? Here’s another gift just for the motorhead in your life. Give him a fast car driving experience where he can put his foot down and break all sorts of speed limits without incurring those nasty points on his licence. Book him in for a one-day session and have a pint of milk waiting for him when he’s finished. He’ll feel like he’s a Formula One driver and he’ll never stop talking about his epic day. Book with Virgin Experience Days.

12. Sugar Skull Spoon

Sugar skull sugar spoon Valentine's Day gift idea | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Firebox

Who wouldn’t love this quirky sugar skull spoon? Perfect for scooping some sweetness into a brew, he’ll think of you every time he uses it and smile when he remembers you understand his quirky, at times off-colour, tastes. You two are a match made in heaven, aren’t you?

13. Something to Lick

Mango & Chilli Lollipops Valentine's Day Gift Idea | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Holly’s Lollies

I have an acquaintance called Holly. Holly does something amazing. She makes lollipops for a living. I’m talking incredible flavours, boozy lollies, man lollies, sweet lollies; lollies for adults. She’s got this brilliant flavour: mango and chilli that just screams that it’s something your man will like to get his lips round. If he can’t get enough of a bit of heat, buy him half a dozen of these stunning sweets.

14. Take One for the Team

Some of the best gifts you can gift allow your man to simply be himself and to share something with you. Tag along to one of his hobbies, snuggle up on the sofa (stay awake!) and watch one of his favourite films or TV programmes with him. It’s a small gesture, but you putting in the effort to do something that he likes just because he likes it is a sure way to make him feel loved and accepted.

Don’t forget to have a look at my picks for the 14 best Valentine’s Day gifts for women!

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