14 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

I know; I know. Valentine’s Day is so passe and cliche. It seems the older we get, the more cynical we are and Valentine’s Day certainly gets a bad rep.

14 Best Valentine's Gifts for Women |PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Let’s put all that aside for the moment and let’s just assume you want to treat the woman in your life (or you want to treat yourself!) to a little somethin’-somethin’ this 14 February. If you do, you’re in luck! Here are my picks of the 14 best Valentine’s Day gifts for women.

1. Underneath Her Clothes

How to gift the right bra this Valentine's Day | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

It’s probably as cliche as they come, but there’s just something so sultry and seductive about unwrapping a naughty little number on Valentine’s Day! And there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a sexy silky chemise to sleep in even if you’re unattached. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love — loving yourself is just as important! Swat up on how to choose the right plus-size bra!

2. Relax & Release

From the stresses of every day to work demands, with all the pressure on our shoulders, things can get pretty tense. A professionally-administered Thai massage can ease the tension and help you relax and enjoy the day. Find a reputable spa near you with Wahanda and book a Thai massage for one (or for two if you’d like to unwind, too) for your partner. Or if you’re treating yourself this V-Day, try to make a day of it and combine your massage with another treatment whilst you’re at the spa. You deserve it!

3. Back to Bed

Brushed cotton is that decadent, sumptuously soft effect that feels like buttery felt given to cotton sheets, pillowcases or duvets. It invites you to bed and encourages you to relax. Not the innuendo-laced invitation that silk or satin sheets suggests, it’s best for an everyday sort of indulgence. And let’s face it, most of us sleep 8 hours a night. That’s just over two days a week! Zara Home is the place to go to for all luxury bed linen.

4. Signature Scents

Move over chocolate, perfume is the news Valentine's Day gift | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Again, probably another Valentine’s Day staple, but a staple for a reason! You just can’t beat a lovely bottle of perfume. Go for her favourite fragrance to play it safe or if you’d like to surprise her with a new scent, ask the shop staff for their assistance. Just arrive armed with a bit of background info such as the names of the fragrances she currently wears or if she prefers lighter scents or dark, sultry overtones. My favourite perfume at the moment is Rose Gold by Michael Kors.

5. Little Boxes

Give her a little something to tuck into this jewellery box on Valentine's Day| PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Confetti.co.uk’s Shop

By modern standards, I live in a pretty spacious flat, yet somehow, I find that I always end up running out of space! Storage space is limited and I’ve got a bit of an addiction for little boxes, especially when it comes to storing things like jewellery. Call it bias, but the most beautiful jewellery storage I’ve seen recently are these vegan leather jewellery boxes from Confetti.co.uk. Available in a rainbow of colours with the option to personalise, too. I’ll take six. You?

6. LBD

For some people, the realm of the LBD is sacred territory. LBDs tend to be a woman’s go-to when she wants to feel sexy, elegant and a downright knockout. If you choose to buy her next must-wear LBD, do so with confidence. Have a good rummage through her closet to work out the kind of shapes she usually goes for or think about her body shape and do a bit of research on the cut and style that would be most flattering for her assets. Again, this is one time shop staff are worth their weight in gold! If you’re hunting for your next LBD on your own, don’t rule out high street shops that are budget friendly. Asos Curve is a great place to start the search!

7. Putting Her Best Leg Forward

Tights are a perfect sexy Valentine's gift | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

More than just functional items of clothing to keep you warm in winter, tights can make a statement! Prices range from not very much to are diamonds woven into the seams?! but generally speaking, you can find an array of tights for any occasion at an affordable price. Forego the high street and seek out a luxury tight specialist for truly unique statement tights for plus size women.

8. Happiness is a New Journal

Help her record & create her own happiness this Valentine's Day |PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: The Happiness Planner’s Blog

No, they’ve not found a way to put a price tag on happiness yet, but you can encourage happiness, direction and a general positive outlook! I absolutely love the feel-good, positive vibes of the Happiness Planner. Encouraging self reflection, goal setting and forward planning, this is the gift that certainly keeps on giving. And if you’re buying it for yourself, you’re certainly in for a treat!

9. Kitchen Gadgets

From spiralisers to vegan yogurt starters, if she’s in her element in the kitchen, chances are she’s hankering for a new toy or gadget. You can’t go wrong with a quick browse at Lakeland – online or in the shops – for a staggering range of must-have gadgets, doodads and  generally swell stuff. By all means, ask her for a bit of direction if you’re really struggling or just choose something you think she’d like. Treating yourself? Set yourself a new culinary challenge and get all the kit you need to make it happen.

10. Bubbles & Bars

One word: Lush. Go there. It is the mecca of eco-friendly smell good bath and beauty. From bombs that fizzle and leave a trail of glitter or rose petals to dead creamy bar soaps and impressive makeup, Lush should probably be destination numeral uno in your hunt for gifts. You’ll find products to suit any budget and for pampering just about any body part; you’ll be spoilt for choice. And that’s never a bad thing when it comes to beauty products.

11. Bags, bags, bags

How to give a bag she'll use this Valentine's Day | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Alphabet Bag’s Shop

Not just any boring bag. And not half-your-monthly-wages designer bags. Fun, functional, statement bags. Bags that she’ll want to stash stuff in. Those are the types of products Alphabet Bags delivers: quirky, funky, trendy clutches, make up bags and totes for stashing, storing and wearing.

12. Caffeinate Her AM

Discover stylish ways to gift caffeine this Valentine's Day|PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Bombay Duck’s Instagram

Whether she prefers the light, cleansing effect of herbal tea or needs her morning coffee to be functional, she’ll enjoy sipping her caffeine fix from a beautifully elegant cup or mug. From the charmingly kitsch to the Parisienne-inspired dainty ditsy, fall in love with practically everything at Bombay Duck. Trust me; you will.

13. Timekeeping with Style

Fossil. Is there any other watch brand out there?! I swear, I swoon for a good Fossil watch. I’m particularly in love with their rose gold range, too. (Hello, trend alert!) Whilst this gift does teeter on the more expensive end of the spectrum, you’ll score major brownie points!

14. Workin’ 9 til 5

Give a Valentine's Gift that will make her work days less soul-destroying | PlusSizeLife.co.uk

Photo Cred: Felt Bag World’s Etsy Shop

Some of the best gifts are functional gifts. Things like watches, a well thought-out bag; gifts the recipient immediately has a need and use for. Sure, there’s probably nothing romantic about this last suggestion, but what it lacks in the romance department, it makes up for in style, functionality and practicality. Sometimes, as an adult, those last two can be incredibly sexy. A few months ago, I treated myself to a little laptop sleeve for my work machine. It’s nothing too intricate, it’s grey felt with a bit of tan leather, but it is gorgeous and I use it every day. And the number of compliments it receives? You wouldn’t believe. Brighten up her work day with a considerate, handmade, one-of-a-kind laptop sleeve from artists and trendsetters like Felt Bag World on Etsy!

If you’re looking for inspiration for the man in your life, check out my 14 unusual Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

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