The ABCs of Loving Your Plus Size Body

Here are 26 body positive New Year’s resolutions that will help you learn to love your beautiful plus size body!
Discover 26 easy ways to love your plus size body with these body positive New Year's resolutions from Plus Size

There’s no other time of year when more people are focused on bettering themselves than in the run up to New Year’s. Resolutions are always at the top of everyone’s list for self improvement, but usually we focus on things like drinking more water, going to the gym or eating better. While those can be very admirable things to aspire to do more of, I think the bedrock of any resolution worth its vow, is self acceptance and self love.

You can promise and resolve to do all manner of feel-good tasks, but unless you begin from a place of clear self-love and self-acceptance, you’ll only set yourself up for failure. That’s why in 2016, instead of the usual resolutions, I’m focusing on 26 body positive resolutions, because I know that when I feel good about myself (inside and out) everything else just fall into place.

The ABCs of Loving Your Plus Size Body

26 Body Positive New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

A – Accept your wonderfully made body

There’s a biblical psalm that I’ve always loved: I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s such a beautiful realisation, isn’t it? No matter if you’re agnostic or believe in a supreme, divine creator, one thing is universal: we are all more than just hunks of atoms randomly floating around. There’s a wonderful framework to each of us at our core. Our bodies were made wonderfully; they are a wonderland of complex systems and functions that deserve marvelling at!

B – Believe you are beautiful

Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder. The first step to noticing and accepting your beauty is in understanding that you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter who’s doing the gazing!

C – Cultivate confidence

How you do this will most likely be unique to you; you can cultivate confidence by slipping into a pair of shoes that make you feel completely sexy and attractive or by learning enough about something that interests you to hold your own in a conversation with experts. How you cultivate your confidence is up to you; just don’t let 2016 see you feeling less than confident in your abilities or appearance!

D – Demand respect

It’s more than just a catchy song Aretha sang; you deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Whether you’re the CEO of a company, a shift worker or are unemployed. Whether you have talent pouring from your fingertips or are all thumbs. Whether you are articulate or stumble over your words and ideas. Whether you’re completely together or falling apart. You deserve respect because you are a human being. If you’re not getting it; demand it.

E – Embrace your curves

No matter your shape; find joy in your beautiful curves and embrace them. What’s there not to like about them, anyway?! And for the record, every woman has curves. None of us are straight planks of wood.

F – Find your best features

No one is going to like 100% of their body all the time. And that’s okay. You don’t have to like it all; but you have to like some of it. Identify your best features and learn how to accentuate them. That way, even if you’re having an off day, you can still kill it on the confidence front with those lovely features stealing the show!

G – Give yourself a break

Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a journey; not a competition. It’s gradual; not instant. You’ll get where you want to be. Just be gentle with yourself.

H – Have a healthy outlook

There’s this beautiful saying: Everything in moderation; including moderation. I love it because it’s a reminder that you don’t have to go full throttle on absolutely everything all of the time. A healthy outlook is a balanced outlook; one that isn’t afraid of a bit of moderation!

I – Identify what makes you beautiful

Personality traits and characteristics aside, you need to identify what makes you beautiful. From those gorgeous big eyes to your curvy hips and everything in between, pinpoint those landmarks on your body that you find most beautiful and get to know them.

J – Just fall in love with yourself

Whether you start with the outside and work in or vice versa, everyone has something to love about themselves. Fall in love with yourself; know yourself completely and you’ll begin to exude killer confidence and swag.

K – Know your strengths

But don’t know just your strengths; play to them. I especially love this tip because it can be taken both literally and figuratively. Know and play to your strengths at work and seal that sought-after promotion. Know and play to your strengths in the wardrobe and never step out of the house looking less than a million bucks. Win; win.

L – Let yourself love your flaws

This one’s a bit more tricky and it involves a lot more hard work. Naturally, when you’re finding your best features and getting to know your strengths, you’ll become cognizant of your flaws and weaknesses. The tendency is to push them to the back of our minds and focus on the good things, but don’t! Examine your flaws, too and allow yourself to love them. When you love the less-than-perfect bits you achieve two things:

  1. By seeing your less-than-perfect bits as things to love and not be ashamed of, you make it damn near impossible for anyone to ever throw them in your face in an attempt to make you feel bad about yourself!
  2. You appreciate all the good things and strengths even more, resulting in a better understanding and greater appreciation of yourself.

M – Make the changes you want to make

Allow me to clarify something; this list of 26 body positive New Year’s resolutions is my list; it may not be right for you. Don’t feel like you have to stick to every single thing if you don’t want to. Hell, don’t feel like you have to stick to any of it! The same goes for any changes in your life. No matter who’s asking you to make them, change the things about yourself that you want to change. And if there’s nothing you want to change; well, if it ain’t broke …

N – Never feel less than superior

Remember that wonderfully made body? Remember all that confidence you cultivated? Remember all those best features and those things that make you beautiful? Keep them at the front of your mind. Never ever feel less than superior. You don’t have a reason to.

O – Own your body

This might seem like a weird statement, but it’s basically just a reiteration of some of the previous points. Identifying your best features and strengths and loving your weaknesses is one thing, but owning them? That’s something confident people do.

P – Protect yourself from negativity

There’ll always be someone spewing negativity and telling you why you can’t do something or only too ready to point out things you may have screwed up in the past. There’s only one thing you need to know about people like this: they are idiots and not worth your time. Protect yourself from their negativity; distance yourself from them or completely write them out of your life. The last thing you need in 2016 is setbacks.

Q – Quit comparing

Your body is yours. You don’t know what someone else has been through with their body. Stop comparing yourself to other people, be they real or celebrities. Just don’t do it; nothing good ever comes of it. Ever.

R – Refuse to be anyone else’s definition of beautiful

There’s a phrase a good percentage of plus size women hear in their lifetime: “She’s pretty for a fat girl” or something along those lines. Nothing boils my blood more. This is perhaps the Golden Rule of Body Positivity: do NOT be someone’s definition of beautiful other than your own. You are not pretty for a fat girl. You are pretty full stop.

S – Set achievable goals

So maybe you do want to drop a few pounds? There’s nothing wrong with that. Or maybe you want to walk or run your first marathon? That’s cool too. You can do anything you want to do, just set achievable goals and surround yourself with a lovely support system that will encourage, inspire and assist you in reaching your goals. You can do it, girl!

T – Take time to tone up

Take this figuratively or literally. Something that is tone is sharp and ready for action. Whether that’s tightening your muscles or sharpening your mind; take some time toning up!

U – Understand your curves

By this point, you’ve embraced your curves and you’ve fallen in love with them, but now it’s time to understand them. Come to grips with them. Get to know where you carry your weight — midsection, or are you top heavy? Know how your curves react to harsh winter weather, or the best positions for sex and stimulation. When you understand everything about your body, you can love it properly.

V – Vitamin E

Okay, this one is oddly specific because everyone needs to discover the wonders of Vitamin E! It’s pure bliss for your skin. Read all about my skincare routine featuring Vitamin E and the benefits it gives your skin.

W – Welcome the challenge

Learning to love yourself and devoting an entire year to 26 different ways to doing just that will be challenging, but so completely rewarding! Welcome this challenge with the knowledge that this time next year, you’ll be a more confident, happier person.

X – eXpect to have to prove yourself

And be ready to do it, too! Remember those people we talked about, the haters? They’ll be waiting for you to fail. They’ll be waiting for you to drop the ball. They’ll be waiting for you to break down and throw in the towel. But you won’t. You already know they’re rooting against you; allow that to be the motivation you need to continue on and prove them wrong.

Y – Youth is a state of mind

You’re only as old as you think you are. Youth is a state of mind; it doesn’t matter how old you are; get out there and live your life to the full. It’s the only one you’ll get; don’t waste it! And especially not for some lame excuse like you’re “too old”!

Z – Zestfully live your life

There is nothing I can say here that the illustrious Joseph Campbell hasn’t said a million times better than I ever could. So, I’ll end with one of my favourite quotes from him:

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”

What things will you be focusing on in 2016?

Good luck in the New Year; make it your best year ever!


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    I’m so in love with this article! It’s just the confirmation I need to propel me in to 2016 with confidence and class! Well written, realistic and inspirational to say the least!

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