Trend Alert: Metallic Obsession

A look at four of my favourite products featuring the current metallic trend that would make great Christmas gifts.

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Metallic is everywhere at the moment — whether it’s the vibrant hue of yellow gold, the earthy orange of copper or the mellow lustre of rose gold, we are metallic mad! To celebrate this lovely trend, I wanted to share some of my favourite products that gleam with the unmistakable metallic sheen. Wrap any of these babies up and they’d make perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas!

Wear Metallic

Metallic for Your Nails

From the gleam of foil chrome nail polish to the scent of luxurious perfume, wear metallic this season to make a bold, glittering statement. The metallic obsession isn’t anything new, it’s been a long-time coming! Last Christmas it appeared on shop shelves, gleaming under the fluorescent lighting. I first hopped on board the trend with a tiny bottle of Orly Color Blast in Golden Chrome Foil and I absolutely loved it!

Metallic Orly Gold Chrome Foil Nail Polish |

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This year, I came across the same range in a beautifully subtle rose gold and can’t get enough of it! It’s such a lovely shade and very easy to wear.

This metallic rose chrome foil nail polish is hip and trendy and looks stunning paired with black outfits. |

Find the whole Color Blast range from Orly in your local bigger Boots or similar retailer.

Tip: the Orly chrome foil polishes tend to flake very easily. Just after a day or two, after putting on two or three coats, it starts to chip. I’ve found the best way to make your mani/pedi last at least a week is to forgo the base coat. Instead file the surface of your nails to add a bit of texture for the polish to adhere to. Then, apply two coats, making sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second. After an hour, apply a thin layer of clear polish as a top coat and your nails should last at least a week!

Metallic for your Skin

Michael Kors is my favourite label, so when I first saw his new range of gold-inspired perfume, I had to try them. They’re available in three different fragrances, an almost-sickly sweet yellow gold scent, a subtly sexy rose gold scent and a playful, retro white gold scent. My personal favourite is Rose Radiant.

Michael Kors Rose Radiant perfume is a perfectly light and sexy winter fragrance. |

I love this subtle potion, drunk with heady Jasmine. It’s delicate and easy to wear as an everyday fragrance that’s not overpowering, but is noticeable enough to make a statement and serve as a signature fragrance. The other two, 24K Brilliant Gold and White Luminous Gold weren’t my cups of tea. The latter reminded me of a slightly more understated White Diamonds (that cloying thick scent every woman in the late 80s and early 90s wore) and the former seemed to be your bog-standard run-of-the-mill fragrance, barely indistinguishable from other scents on the market. I’ll be sticking with the Rose Radiant as my new winter scent.

Eat & Drink Metallic

Moscow Mules

You’ll see these stunning, quirky, Art Deco-esque Moscow Mule mugs everywhere this winter. They perpetuate two of society’s current obsessions: Scandinavian design (swoon) and of course, the metallic trend. From the generous curve of each mug to the odd-but-lovely handle feature and the swooping flash of mirrored copper, these mugs are simply beautiful.

Vibrant and lovely metallic Moscow Mule mugs are great for pots of tea or steaming soup. |

Of course, the metallic property of them will keep your hot things hot; perfect for serving ladlefuls of chili or steaming soup from. They wouldn’t be out of place on an elegant dining table spread, laid with gold cutlery and tapers. Equally, they’d look the part in a rustic campsite — they are the epitome of metallic dining duality and they’re by far my most favourite purchase of AW2015.

Metallic on the Go with Kate Spade

Some mornings, I don’t have time for breakfast. (Which is an astonishing fact for me to admit, given that I tend to wake up around 4:30 every day, yet somehow some days, I don’t find time to have a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of fruit!) And on those mornings when I’m too pressed for time to fill my tummy, I need a steaming cup of tea to get through the morning.

Ultra trendy Kate Spade travel mug in metallic stripes, perfect for tea on the go! |

In walks this ultra trendy metallic gold striped Kate Spade travel mug. Just look at it; it’s stunning! There are no special features to it, it’s simple yet elegant and you can either close or open the lip. That’s it. It does keep things at their current temperature: your hot tea will still be hot up to an hour later (probably longer than this, but mine doesn’t last that long!) and your cold things will be cold for considerably longer than an hour, too.

Tip: make sure you put the lid on carefully as it can spill if not properly fastened. It’s big, too; so don’t underestimate how much sugar you might need in your tea. Lastly, these mugs are all but discontinued and can be pretty hard to locate online. But you’re in luck, I’ll be giving away one of these stylish and beautiful travel mugs on my Instagram account in December! Make sure you’re following me so you can enter to win one!

What metallic products have you fallen in love with this year? I’d love to see what makes you swoon; leave me a comment!

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