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Must-have travel accessories | Plus Size

Although the season for summer holidays is over, I find that I tend to do more travelling in the autumn. It’s a combination of work engagements and my infatuation with all things autumnal that keeps me hitting the open road and bedding down in cosy B&Bs and quaint hotels, hoping to catch the leaves’ vibrant colour display.

I’m the type of person who likes to know where things are–everything has a place and everything should be in its place. It’s no different when I’m travelling. In fact, it’s especially important when I’m travelling. I’m gearing up for a few weeks away from home on the trot and that means hunting around for cute accessories to put my stuff in! Here are my must-have travel accessories with picks of products I own and love:

Must-Have Cosmetic Case

A home for mascara, lipstick, BB cream and eyeshadow with a couple of pencils of eye liner tossed in and a few make up brushes. That’s what mostly lives in my cosmetic case. But when I’m travelling, all sorts go in like cotton pads and cotton balls, makeup remover and compact mirrors, so the roomier the better.

Must-have cosmetic cases in soft waffle print from | Plus Size Waffle Print Cosmetic Case Grey and Navy

I absolutely adore this waffle print cosmetic case from I ordered the grey one with a gold stitched A. It’s fully lined on the inside, so it won’t get damaged with makeup as you can just rinse it free. Plus, there’s a pocket inside, too! And with a handle on the outside, you could easily hook onto the back of a bathroom door or over a hanger for ease.

Must-Have Toiletry Bag

I’ve got a thing for stripes and first stumbled across this toiletry bag in Boots one day. I mostly use it for keeping toiletries in when travelling (shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste etc) but after a quick wipe, it also doubles as a great summertime beach clutch! Just pack your sunglasses, a thin scarf (if you’re visiting the beach in England), Vaseline Lip Therapy and your phone, a granola bar and a bottle of water–yes, it holds it all!

I’ve not spotted the glitter cosmetic bag in the shops, but did see it on the Boots website and have been lusting after it ever since! It’d be great for Christmas and I love the asymmetrical top!

Must-Have Chromebook Sleeve

When I travel, I hate lugging around a heavy laptop. Especially when I’m travelling for work and need to do emails or things from a coffee shop or on the train down to London. Having a lightweight and slim Chromebook has been a godsend. It’s so light, though, that I was concerned I’d forget it was in my bag and smash it against something.

ABChic Chromebook sleeve | Plus Size

AbChic Chromebook Sleeve in Black and Purple

This patent-leather sleeve from AbChic has been a lovely accessory for it! It’s trendy and resilient, sturdy and actually nice to look at. AbChic sells laptop cases and sleeves in a variety of sizes and colours, but the black patent leather is definitely my favourite.

Must-Have iPhone Cover

Who’s not a Michael Kors fanatic? (My hand is definitely not up!) I love all things MK and these trendy iPhone covers are no exception! I personally, don’t have my iPhone in a cover because I’ve got a yellow iPhone 5C and I just can’t bear to cover it up–it’s such a pop of fun sunshiny happiness! But I do have a case for my iPod Touch and it’s a good thing as they’re so thin, you need the extra shock absorption from bumps, drops and knocks.

Must-have iPhone cases from Michael Kors | Plus Size

Michael Kors iPhone cases in Metallic Leather and Glitter.

The thing I love most about these Michael Kors iPhone cases is their fun, subtle print. The crushed metallic is super cute and trendy and I cannot get enough of the polka dots with glitter!

Must-Have Bikini Bags

This is one of those must-haves that you probably didn’t even know you needed, but one you’ll wonder how you lived without! Even if you won’t be beach-bound on your next hols, you’ll still need someplace to store worn undies, right? Right! Cue the bikini bag that I recommend using for things besides bikinis.

Wet bikini bags from | Plus Size

Wet bikini bags from in pink and navy

It’s perfectly functional for keeping your wet suit in, sure, but it’s also great for keeping your intimates tucked away. Pack them in here and you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing mishaps, should your luggage come open mid-travel and spill your knickers. Not that knickers are anything to blush about, but you know, not everyone wants their underwear on parade.

Must-Have Passport Holder

It doesn’t matter how organised I am and it doesn’t matter how many times I check that I’ve packed my passport, at least once during every international trip I take, I panic and cannot find it in my bag or luggage! It only lasts a few seconds until I see the bright teal corners of it peeking from the bottom recesses of my bag, but my heart stops and my palms grow sweaty just the same.

Must-have passport holder from Etsy |Plus Size

Must-have passport holders from Etsy in Map and Retro Floral.

If you don’t have a passport holder, get one! It’s not necessarily about having something pretty to carry around (although a nice design does help!) it greatly aids in being able to spot your uber important document at a moment’s notice.

What are your must-have travel accessories?


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