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Give a woman right bra and she can conquer the world | Plus Size

For ages I’d just assumed I was doomed to the typical plus size bra: a bland restraint only available in shades of boring (white, black or taupe) with straps wide enough to race Hot Wheels cars on and the obligatory feminine bow at the centre. I would flip through lingerie catalogs and grow absolutely envious. Not of the tiny-framed women and their dainty C cups, but of the beautiful bras adorning their chests. Bras in a kaleidoscope of colours, fittings and shapes. Bras with no straps!–how was that even possible?!

The truth is, curvy women aren’t doomed to one type of ill-fitting bra. There’s actually a wide range of options out there. Once you know how to find the right plus size bra for your outfit, you’ll find that your clothes fit better. Go one step further and make sure you get a bra that’s actually your cup size and suddenly, the world is your oyster.

Pairing Your Plus Size Bra with Your Outfit

Balconette/Balcony Bra

Provides extra support with wide straps. Pair with a scoop neck or v-neck top.
Curvy Kate Balcony or Balconette Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Curvy Kate Daily Dream Balcony Bra | 38D-44G | Evans

Plunge Bra

Gok Wan swears by underwired bras for big boobed women and I agree! They provide great support. Pair with a very low cut top ie: the type of thing you’d wear to the club. Not to church.

Evans Amy Plunge Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Evans Amy Plunge Bra | 38D-50F | Evans

Longline Bra

Cinches in your waist and gives your top half a flattering figure. Accentuates an existing hourglass, or creates a more defined one. Pair with wrap top dress or blouse. This is my go-to bra when I want to flaunt my curves or want to encapsulate that vavavoom ensemble of wrap top and pencil skirt.
Longline Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Goddess Kiera Longline Bra | 42B-54F | Evans

Non-wired Bra

Your typical, everyday bra. Comfortable enough, but beware the uniboob! Pair with high collared tops like boatneck, Bardot (if you’ll cover the straps with a cardi or equivalent), turtle and mock necks. I’ve got this bra in about 12 different colours. Definitely a go-to.
Non-wired Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Goddess Kiera Non-wired Bra | 42B-56FF | Evans

Full/Moulded Cup Bra

Gives breasts a sumptuous, rounded appearance. Pair with sheer, loose-fitting clothes.
Full/Moulded Cup Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Evans White Full/Moulded Cup Bra | 38B-48F | Evans

T-shirt Bra

Gives a smooth appearance. Pair with form-fitting, bodycon tops and dresses. I always find that my breasts peek from underneath a T-shirt bra and it has the tendency to ride up. This is the worst style for my boobs.
T-Shirt Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Evans T-Shirt Bra | 38D-52F | Evans

Multiway Bra

Great for flexibility; suitable for wardrobe of tops with varied straps. Pair with halterneck, strapless, crossback or one-shouldered tops and dresses. Beware the potential for straps popping off mid-wear!
Multiway Style Plus Size Bra | Plus Size

Evans Multiway Bra | 42B-48F | Evans

Do you tend to wear different type bras for different outfits or do you just grab a bra and go?



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