Gluten Free Peri Peri & Lime Roast Quarter Chicken

Succulent half chicken roasted with Peri-Peri seasoning and tangy fresh lime slices, mellowed with brown sugar!

Gluten Free Peri Peri & Lime Roast Chicken | Plus Size

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Yield: 2  quarter chicken pieces
Prep time:
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Peri-peri is a popular flavour here in the UK and you can find it on an abundance of chicken recipes, French fries or chips and other dishes. What I love most about it, is how easy it is to tailor it to everyone’s tastes. I like my food a lot spicier than my husband does, so this recipe is ideal for us. I shook a bit more peri-peri on my chicken and sprinkled over a bit more brown sugar on his–we were both happy. The thing I love most about this dish is the combo of fiery and sweet. Brown sugar is such an underrated addition to savoury food! Growing up in the South in the United States, I’ve become accustomed to its use outside of the dessert table; it’s sprinkled on everything from ham to sweet potatoes!

As they’re both naturally gluten free, peri-peri and lime is an easy, interesting free from flavour to recreate. Because this chicken dish is baked in the oven after browning, there’s no need to get the flour out at all! If you can’t find peri-peri where you are, you could use a mix of red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper and achieve the same taste. Alternatively, try this roasting method with completely different spices or swap the limes with lemons, too.

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